Kontakt.IOU is a revolutionary way to lend money to your loved ones, friends and even complete strangers, and specify what you want to get in return.

Thanks to Kontakt.io’s secure IoT technology and a user friendly interface, there’s a whole new way to help a buddy out when they need a few bucks.

For example: you take a trip to your favorite burger joint with your co-workers at lunch but realize that you don’t have any cash to split the bill with when you get there? No worries, just open Kontakt.IOU; now all of your buddies can immediately send cash to the person who’s paying the bill and settle accounts right there.

Maybe you just realized that you need a few more bucks to pay for the burger until your paycheck comes in? Open up Kontakt.IOU and see who else in the burger joint has the cash to spare. Thanks to our location-based technology, Kontakt.IOU will look for any other user who’s willing to lend you money nearby. If your request matches someone’s pre-set lending criteria,  the burger is yours. Say thank you and enjoy!

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Request the amount

Specify the amount of cash you want to borrow and the recipient of the money. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

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Wait for the approval
from other users:

Once you make your request, the app will look for money lenders in your proximity. Then you’ll see everyone who’s willing to lend what you’re looking for, and what terms they’ve set for repayment.

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Accept payback terms

As a lender, you can specify how much you want to lend per transaction, per day, and overall, as well as lending terms like if you want to collect interest* or if you can be paid in hugs or tacos. Once you’ve set up your lending profile, you don’t have to worry about it again, because Kontakt.IOU will take care of the rest! As a borrower, you just accept the terms and you’re good to go,

*Special interest rates may apply.

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Enjoy your purchase

That’s it! The money is transferred directly to the merchant, so you can enjoy your purchase right away. Cheers!

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